5 August 2008

VoIP - threat or opportunity

According to a couple of websites, iPhone users shortly will be able to circumvent their operators' networks by using VoIP. Belgian developer Namado/Namando Telecom claims that by using their application, callers can save up to 80 per cent connecting to the internet via the terminal's wifi connection.
This is undoubtedly an extremely imteresting topic, so I wanted to learn more about the small and innovative company behind the application. Now, Namado Telecom does not exist (as this is equivalent to not being found with a homepage by google). Namando Telecom does not exist as well, nor does Namado or Namando Telekom.
The company's correct name is Nomado Telecom, and it really does exist. And I think that they have a right to being spelled correctly, as they might pose a threat to mobile operators - or a massive opportunity, depending on the point of view. And that's definitely worth being noticed.

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