1 August 2008

3G in India

The Indian government is considering to hold a global auction for 3G licenses. This now seems to be the final decision after an ongoing discussion in India whether or not foreign bidders should be allowed to participate in the auction. This sounds like good news for mobile phone users, as the second-largest market worldwide is still on WAP. When it comes to surfing the mobile Internet, that's sufficent for watching YouTube clips online. But when it comes to more serious stuff, such as downloading videos, WAP's limitations become obvious.
Apparently, the more bidders and the more bidding competition, the more money will be spent on the licences. And after all, India is a huge and utterly attractive market for the global players. However, the more money they will spend, the higher the data fees they will be charging later. And this might be not so good news for mobile phone users.

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