12 September 2008

Where are mobile ads heading to?

According to Informa, global mobile advertising spend will grow to $1.7bn in 2008, following an approximate billion dollars in 2007. Well – that sounds pretty impressive, as the figure is expected to increase to $2.6bn in 2009. And with the expected growth rate, the global spend will be more than $12bn in 2013.
To get those figures straight - Internet advertising in the UK alone is likely to hit $6bn in 2008. Procter&Gamble spend roughly $8bn on advertising - per year. The overall global advertising spend in 2007 is somewhere in the region of $450bn. Global mobile revenues are estimated to be more than $750bn.
Even if mobile advertising still represents a tiny fraction compared to the whole picture, it is definitely one of the major growth areas within the wireless industry. So the current euphoria is justified. The next logical and interesting step will be then to see whether consumers will fully accept (more) ads on their handsets - or whether they will have their own say on the above stated figures.

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